Digital Image Processing Package

Mariusz Jankowski
University of Southern Maine

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Processing of two-dimensional signals, typically in the form of gray-scale or color images, has become an important research and investigation tool in many areas of science and engineering. A new Mathematica package dedicated to digital image processing will be presented. Designed for professionals, educators, and students in the sciences and engineering, the package features a powerful collection of fundamental image processing operators. These include image import/export functions; image contrast manipulation; one- and two-dimensional FIR filter design, including the popular McClellan-Parks-Rabiner algorithm; unitary image transforms including the DFT, discrete cosine, Walsh-Hadamard, and discrete wavelet transforms; a variety of smoothing, differencing (i.e., edge), and noise-reduction operators; image geometry manipulation; binary and gray-scale morphology; and many other more or less specialized functions. Performance issues will be discussed, and selected application examples will be presented.